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How basic First Aid can help you save a life

9:07 AM 25/Jan/2014

Next month is National Heart Month which is the perfect time to start thinking about the health of your heart and try to understand different heart conditions. It's also a good time to learn first aid so you are aware of what to do should someone collapse. There are approximately 2.6 million people in the UK living with coronary heart disease. Whilst some heart disease is genetic, it can also be caused by lifestyle meaning that all of us need to be aware of the dangers. Understanding heart disease isn't an easy task as there are so many different types and it's important to understand how the heart works. However, it is worth learning these different types as it can save lives. There is lots of talk about healthy living and how you can help to keep your heart healthy. These include managing your diet, keeping fit and trying to keep a low blood pressure. Whilst these factors may not help if you have a hereditary heart condition, they can certainly assist with maintaining the health of your heart. Of course, it's not just your heart that you need to look after. Do you know what to do if you see someone in the street have a cardiac arrest? You may remember a video a couple of years ago of a well known 'hard man' training us how to perform life saving CPR. This advert was very popular and results have shown that at least 28 peoples lives have been saved as a result of watching this advert. The advert highlights the general public's concerns of performing CPR on a stranger, including the 'kiss of life'. The charity states that whilst giving the 'kiss of life' can help, it's the hands that are important. This means that if you aren't comfortable giving the kiss of life then you can still help by performing 'hands only' CPR. Promotional merchandise is a great way to help people understand first aid and what they need to do in an emergency. You could even use medical merchandise such as first aid kits and include an item which details what to do if someone goes into cardiac arrest. Special cards could also be kept in people's wallets so they know what to do. What will you be doing for National Heart Month? Will you be investing in medical merchandise, or hosting a fundraising event?

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